Video content for digital signage with lots of impact.

Created in Monaco

We create targeted content

Maximum impact on the behaviour of the public and consumers.

Compatible with all technical platforms, we produce large numbers of demographically and geographically targeted videos that today's media plans demand.​

Video has


more impact than a static image

We can produce for all sectors

Institutional content



Education and public communication

Commercial content

Retailers, Product videos, Restaurants, Hospitality, Transport, Tourism, Hotels and Leisure.

You control the network

Our clients decide which video shows when and where through a simple interface.

All the technical support you need

Video production, motion graphics, product shoots, 3D modelling, all formats

We are close to our clients in PACA

Product Information & Data

We are pleased to announce Cedemo’s product information and data activity
was acquired by Icecat, the world’s first open content catalog.
Access the press release.

Need to know more?
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If you want more details of Icecat’s services, please look at Icecat’s website: 

or visit the product database 

and register for free.

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